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Added Value is a benefit that a person, an organization or a company offers. Specifically, the psychological benefits and attitude towards customers are the main reasons why some companies are more successful than others are. Your customers need to know your values and being able to identify with themselves with these.

There are several forms of benefit: in addition to the basic benefits and added value of an offer, it is important to create psychological added value in order to exceed the expectations of the customers. That guaranteed, the customer then is enthusiastic about the service or the product and appreciates you, and comes back to your company, recommends it to friends and colleagues and thus creates real benefit and sustainable value.


„Loyal customers don’t just come back, they don’t just recommend you; they insist that their friends do business with you as well.“ Chip Bell

How can this added value be expressed?

For example, by valuing people through actions. This appreciation is particularly successful if one knows the needs of the customers and responds to them with their own products and services. In order to know the needs, they first must get to know the customer in his environment and know what he asks for and is beneficial to him.

Each person has five basic needs:

  • Physiological needs
  • Safety
  • Social needs
  • Recognition & Appreciation
  • Self-Realisation

If you as a company understand how to respond individually to the needs of your customers, you stand out from your market competitors. They become an indispensable business partner on equal terms for customers.

How can you convey the added value on social media in order to attract the „right“ customers?

Social Media is an integral part of online marketing. The number of users of social media channels has increased to the point that it is also worth it for an SME to address the selected target groups effectively through the appropriate presence and to convey added value through content: Share your knowledge and experience and position yourself as an expert!

However, before you start posting and sharing, you must first develop a strategic plan that is equivalent to a business plan and includes the company’s image and values outwardly. You set goals, take an initial inventory of your company’s social media, and see how the competition presents itself on the various channels. After that, set up an account on the selected social networks or complete the existing ones. Social media is very extensive, so the right strategy together with good planning is crucial for the successful online presence!

Online marketing and social media is very complex and we know that when the day-to-day or project business is up on the run, marketing activities are often neglected. That is why we have put together a guide to your online marketing for your first orientation.

The most important ADVICE at a glance:

  1. Creation of an extensive initial analysis
  2. Setting goals & visions
  3. Clarification of tools, methods and channels of your company

To guide and clarify these points, we have a specific guideline – free of charge for you:

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Use our guide to the most important questions in online marketing.

Engage with the topic to get ideas for a successful strategy and concept. You will see that you are able to receive new, valuable contact requests from the online world.

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Monique Robineau

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