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LinkedIn was found in America in 2003 and is now considered one of the strongest social networking platforms in the B2B sector. By creating a business profile for your company, you promote your online reputation and generate new contacts. You can also use LinkedIn to find new employees or collaboration partners. The potential is far from exhausted. Through the worldwide regular exchange, the platform develops into a place that promotes communication and enables building relationships and the binding of the target group to the company.

Do you also want to know how to best use LinkedIn to attract more customers? Read on, we will give you the most important tips and show you what you can achieve additionally with the Sales Navigator Tool.

First of all: Your Company’s own profile

The most important and basic prerequisite for this is the company’s own profile. You can create this free of charge and with only an e-mail address. All you need is a logo, a meaningful profile picture and a slogan to draw attention to your site. In the next step, link your own website to the profile to direct interested parties. You are welcome to have a look at our LinkedIn-Profil.

The next steps: How to use LinkedIn correctly?

  • Sharing relevant Content
    Whether, you are sharing interesting and exciting articles or posting your own articles, on LinkedIn you can involve your target group with professional and qualitative content and thus show your expert knowledge. Dialogue and communication are important for building relationships with customers, and you can do so with informative content.
  • Making new (business) contacts
    LinkedIn provides the opportunity to address corporate decision makers directly and personally. Depending on the projects, you will focus on the relevant industry and divisions. This means that you can make the most out of LinkedIn’s reach!
  • Finding your pre-defined target group
    Create an interesting contact strategy and you can easily reach your desired target group – without tedious cold acquisition. LinkedIn provides the tools and methods to achieve such a success.
  • Memberships and establishment of thematic groups
    Share or gather knowledge in a smaller group and exchange ideas with like-minded people about current topics. Benefit from the experience and expertise of others. This will help you get new information quickly and effectively. Sharing your content in appropriate groups, also help you redistribute and broaden your business’s reach.

In the German-speaking countries, XING is still the market leader with around 15 million users compared to LinkedIn (only 13 million) (see Source). Since LinkedIn is available internationally, the number of these users continues to increase. If you want to take advantage of this advantage, it is just about time to shine with your own profile and address the right customers or share content. With the already mentioned tips, you succeed in the beginning, and we are happy to support you in the further implementation and strategy planning.

Statista’s chart shows that most users are from the US, but the number of DACH regions is in the top 10 and will continue to rise in the future. The figures show the number of registered LinkedIn members in millions in 2019.

If you are already active on LinkedIn and want to make even more use of it, read about our experience with the Sales Navigator.

Source: https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/194634/umfrage/anzahl-der-nutzer-von-linkedin-nach-region/

avigate correctly with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We have already successfully tested the premium tool and would like to share our experience with you. It offers the following new possibilities and benefits:

  • Advanced lead and enterprise search
    If you are searching for decision makers and potential customers, you can search specifically for regions, industries, etc. and thus limit the results individually to your company. This not only saves time, but also provides the right contact data. After some successful research and a limited selection of potential new customers, you can save the lists and continue following those people or leads. As a result, you always stay up-to-date with changes and wishes of the target group. You’ll get updates on topics your leads are currently dealing with and see new posts at a glance. Thus, you are always a step ahead of the competition!
  • Sponsored InMails
    These are specific LinkedIn messages sent to new contacts without having to be directly connected. This makes it possible to write the target group or cooperation partners straightforward. They are not limited to a certain number of words as in the networking request, but can directly contain your offer to potential customers. With the Sales Navigator Professional, 20 InMails are available each month.
  • List of profile visitors
    With the Premium account you can see all visitors on your own account. In comparison, the Basic account is limited to the last five profile visitors. If you want to expand your network, you can contact relevant visitors and then network them.

Our Conclusion

What helped us the most? The search and generation of lead lists. We were thrilled because it allowed us to search specifically for selected industries and to directly contact these decision makers.

What was less helpful to us? The included InMails. In the following step, we sent InMails and found out that only half of all mails are accepted and read. LinkedIn offers webinars here in the Learning Center, where you can learn, among other things, how to write InMails correctly and use the Sales Navigator more effectively. These take place approximately 1-2 times a month.

Apart from the saved leads and the constant updates as well as posts, the Business Sales Navigator has a proud price of 49.58€ excl. taxes per month. We will definitely continue to follow the development of LinkedIn and can imagine using this tool more actively in the future.

More information about the packages and included services is shown here. For one month, you can try the Sales Navigator for free! If you have any questions about LinkedIn, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Monique Robineau

Online Marketing & Key Account Manager

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