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That is interesting! Even in the construction industry, new developments regarding digitalization have emerged in the recent years. Properly deployed software and hardware can help construction companies target processes and communications between construction sites and offices – where it fits best.


Thus digitization may help to network vehicles, and indicate when the next repair or service is due, or where the trucks are currently located. Using modern GPS technology in helmets can quickly save people who get spilled and take immediate action. In architecture and for technicians, 3D models and virtual spaces are very important.

(Source: Porr AG,  https://bit.ly/2XMo3UW)

If the customer can make a virtual walk through his own house before the start of construction, errors can be reduced and thus disappointments can be avoided more easily.


„On our website, there are videos that help our clients familiarize themselves with a wide range of construction topics. They are constantly updated and managed by us.“

David Birsak


Further, these models are important to find out if the technique is feasible and what is needed for planning and implementation. As you can see, digitalization in the construction industry certainly pays off. Digital construction is no longer a dream and can also be implemented for smaller companies.

How does digitalization affect marketing?

After evaluating the three conducted interviews with representatives of the engineering and construction industry, we found out that companies are just starting to use online marketing. The website is seen as a must and it is the first step towards an online presence. In addition, recommendations are still powerful and successful, but it has been noticed that with an online presence you are found more easily, as is the case with Mr. Seltenhammer, CEO of a civil engineering office in Vienna.

The website is the starting point for successful marketing. After analysing the target audience and deciding on the first social media channels to be used, it is important to share the right content to actively engage the target audience. Platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn are used to be present on the Internet, but many do not yet know how to take the next steps. The world of online marketing is complex, making the right strategy all the more crucial to stand out from the competition and get the USP right.

How can online marketing help reduce the skills shortage in the construction industry?

It is well known nowadays, that the construction industry is facing a problem: there are not enough experienced workers to meet the actual needs. Recruiting qualified personnel and experts for one’s own company turns out to be time-consuming and difficult, and it is actually the next generation who will move the business forward. This is where the presence of businesses on the Internet, or more precisely the potential of online marketing, helps to find and attract the right professionals even before they actively seek out them.

„It’s not easy to find good people – that’s what I experience with my colleagues and other companies. I am about to decide whether to hire employees or not.“

DI Arno Seltenhammer

CEO, DI Arno Seltenhammer

Have you ever heard about social media recruiting?

The times of the classical search for applicants have changed, social media recruiting connects them via the social networks of the company. Companies use Facebook, LinkedIn & Co. to address candidates in a targeted manner and thus establish direct contact and mutual interaction. The challenge is to arouse the interest of potential applicants. The use of social media for recruitment is increasing annually. Swietelsky is a good example, as they already do their recruiting mostly over the internet.

„We do 90% of our recruiting online. Mostly via our career page „We Swietelskys“ and on job platforms. In addition, we use social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Instagram.“

Helmut Andexer

Head of Human Resources Division, Swietelsky Baugesellschaft m.b.H.


It is important to take the right step at the right time. We at GREATVIBES help companies specifically in the engineering and construction industry to succeed in strategic online marketing. How we do this?

In three easy steps:

  1. Comprehensive analysis through our strategy workshops
    We would like to get to know your company better. We research and analyze and you get to know us.
  2. Concept & Strategy
    A strategy is an important roadmap for your online marketing. Why? So that we use your advertising budget optimally and successfully.
  3. Implementation or support of the marketing/HR department
    We bring your strategy to success. Our focus is on text and design. We evaluate, monitor and report monthly. And you see the results – in numbers.


Monique Robineau

Online Marketing & Key Account Manager

We at GREATVIBES support you with web design & online marketing, so you can generate online more new customer contacts and contact inquiries.

Feel free to contact us for a first, free strategy discussion!

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