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The monthly advertising budget for online advertising is X Euro and generates Y Euro. Sounds simple? But in reality, it is often more difficult than at first glance!

In this article, you will learn about the different forms and channels of online advertising. Plus, how to use and optimize them correctly for your online marketing strategy with the right time and budget. 


 „Good marketers measure … and great marketers measure and improve.“ Seth Godin

Online Advertising in comparison with traditional alternatives

Today, there are a variety of online advertising channels and forms of advertising, including Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Advertisment. In Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Google Ads are clearly ahead. For example, Facebook Ads can be used for more followers or post-likes, and LinkedIn can sponsor content or send personalized messages. Search Engine Ads can be shown in the form of text or display displays. In order to succeed with the different forms of online advertising, it is important to define the goal of advertising campaigns at the beginning and always have these in mind.

In addition to the selection of advertising channels, the right investment is also important. Companies still spend the majority of their marketing budgets on expensive, classic advertising, such as print media, newspaper advertisements or TV commercials. Online advertising is much more effective hence used correctly. Do you use online advertising for the first time? Then be patient. After the first three months, you can already make the first qualitative evaluations and adapt advertising campaigns accordingly. Not only patience is important, but also the budget: the better it is used, the better the outcome and impact.

Pay Attention to this when applying your offer

Company’s website

The starting point for successful online advertising is your own website. Whether landing page or website, the design, programming but also legal aspects and GDPR guidelines must be right. The website content is important for social media and search engine ads and must therefore be adapted to the ads. If the prospect does not find the right offer after clicking on the advertisement, he jumps off. Hence, the effort to create an ad and the budget you used was in vain.


Social Media Ads

With Facebook, you can use targeted advertising, e.g. to increase the engagement of the posts by more likes or shares, or to increase the followers of your own Facebook page. You can also use slideshows or carousel ads to promote products or services. For example, on LinkedIn, you can advertise corporate updates and use sponsored content to secure the best place in your audience’s news feed. Or you can send personalized in-mails for a higher conversion than with traditional mail.

Search Engine Ads (SEA)

With Search Engine Ads, you can advertise your products and services online, in Google Search, on YouTube or other websites. When customers are specifically targeted to your offer, after visiting your website, they are referred to remarketing. Special advertisements can be adapted and offers can be advertised.

A landing page shows the appropriate content for paid online advertising and encourages the prospective buyer to buy.

Evaluations and measurability of online advertising

After about three months, once you have started the first online advertising campaigns, it is all the more important to analyze and optimize them accordingly. By evaluating it, using Google Analytics or other social media analytics tools, you can draw accurate conclusions about the success of online advertising. These questions optimize and improve your campaigns:

  • Which landing pages and landing pages perform best?
  • Which offer sells most successful in which region and at which times?
  • Which wording is best liked by the target group?

After that, budget adjustments are done and the paid ads start to work efficiently.



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You have already started your first online advertising campaigns, but the successes in online marketing has still not shown? Be patient and give it time. With the right strategy and the first results to optimize the campaigns, you can achieve your first success after only a few weeks. Don’t forget to set up setup and tracking to evaluate the advertising campaign. This makes online advertising measurable and comprehensible. We are happy to support you with our expertise.

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